5 Ways to Prep for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Usually, the first project we all tackle is planning our menu, but there are plenty of other things that you can do in advance to make sure your home is ready for guests, not just for Thanksgiving, but throughout the holiday season. Here are a few tips:

1. Spruce up Your Front Porch

Your front door is every guest’s first impression of your home. To ensure your entryway is inviting, make sure it’s well-lit so guests aren’t in the dark. Clean it up by sweeping away any leaves and cobwebs. For some finishing touches, place a few pumpkins in varying shapes and sizes, a pot or two of mums and a fun welcome mat outside the door. You’ve now set the tone for a warm, welcoming holiday with friends and family.

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Left to right: Delmont, Skyview, Valley Forge

2. Straighten up Your Entryway

Clear your foyer of any unnecessary clutter. Put away any shoes that may be laying around and make sure that guests have a place to drop their coats upon arrival.

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3. Check Your Lightbulbs

That bulb over your kitchen island that’s been out since August? Now’s the perfect time to change it. Check the bulbs in any room you’ll be using to entertain (don’t forget the powder room). While you’re at it, consider swapping your traditional incandescent bulbs for energy-saving LEDs. So while you’re busy baking holiday cookies or relaxing with guests, your LED bulbs are keeping your holiday bright and reducing energy costs.

4. Plan Your Thanksgiving Day Menu

I know we said this wasn’t about food, but how can we talk about Thanksgiving without mentioning food? If you haven’t started to plan your menu, get to work! Once you have a plan, determine a prep schedule. Aim to do anything possible in advance so you can enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving Day.

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5. Give Back

We love Thanksgiving because it’s really all about gratitude and togetherness. Reflect on the abundance in your life, give thanks for all of your blessings and consider sharing with those in need. We love the idea of asking guests to bring a can or two of non-perishable food to your Thanksgiving gathering that you can donate to a local food drive. Adding brightness to the lives of others will prepare you for the season of giving as the rest of the joyful holidays unfold.

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear your best tips.

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