What’s Your Holiday Style?

When we think of the holidays, one thing is certain: we all participate in some type of tradition. Whether handed down through generations, or newly formed, we cherish them because they provide continuity and comfort. Everyone’s got a different style when it comes to celebrating their traditions, so what’s yours?

A Formal Gathering in the Dining Room

photo-1473973916745-60839aebf06b-cropIf it’s your style to entertain your guests formally in the dining room, then you most likely have a long and detailed list of tasks to accomplish, from cleaning the fine linens and china to polishing your Grandmother’s silverware. Not to mention, you really want to find time to make those handcrafted metallic gold painted place card holders this year! So, after all of your thoughtful preparation, you don’t want something like poor lighting to ruin your elegant plans.

6303100_on  6302900_on  6308000_on

Left to right: Brixton, Lenola, Ramsgate

A classic chandelier will enhance the decorative atmosphere you’ve created while matching sconces will provide an additional layer of lighting that will make your space well-lit and fully functional. And remember, if you like to linger at the table for hours, you may want a dimmer to enhance the mood in the room.

6302100_on     6302700_on

Left to right: Malvern, Lenola

A Casual Meal in the Kitchen

photo-1460667450797-d71a56692010-cropIf you consider your kitchen to be the heart of your home, where you and your loved ones gather around the island to talk about the day, and enjoy each other’s company while doing homework or cooking, then “casual in the kitchen” probably defines your style.

When others come into your home for the holidays, you may be sharing a cocktail while getting a hand from your guests with the hors d’oeuvres. In your world, this is holiday tradition in full swing. For a busy room like the kitchen, a combination of task and general lighting is required for work areas as well as socializing.

6309500_on              6309100_on             image1

Left to right: black & white, crackle glass, hammered bronze

You want to make sure you have the perfect pendants over that island for preparing meals. The beauty of using pendants is how easy it is to personalize your space because they come in so many unique designs. Finally, a chandelier over your kitchen table can tie together the room and reaffirm your kitchen as the heart of your home.

6305700_on   6300100_on   6345000_chain_on

Left to right: Dunmore, Harwell, Iron Hill

Cozy Around the Fireplace

Imagine…joyful laughter coming from the kitchen, sweet smiling babies being cuddled in the living room, hot cocoa warming hands outside by a fire-pit and full bellies all-around. And finally, this charming image features at least one person napping in a chair by the fireplace. Does this describe holidays at your house? If you traditionally have this kind of warm and fuzzy mood at your home, then “cozy around the fireplace” seems like your style. Metal pendants in warm copper and antique brass finishes provide a touch of subtle, festive shine. Install dimmers and use dimmable LEDs in 2700K color temperature and you can enjoy a cozy, intimate glow any time.

6346100_on-copy           63086a_on          6309000_on

Left to right: Antique Brass Schoolhouse, Boswell, Black & Copper

photo-1449792066115-b24f2c87a1b3-rotateIf your guests are going to spend time outdoors, you’ll need to be sure they get around safely when they’re not by the fire. Illuminate your porch, patio or deck with attractive, energy-efficient LED lanterns, and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while saving money. Consider adding colorful LED light bulbs in holiday colors so you can festively light up the night, inside and out.

6312600_on     6315500_on-copy    6313700_on-copy

Left to right: Albright, Ithaca, Eddystone

No matter which style suits you, be sure you have the right lighting for celebrations throughout the holiday season.

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