Easy Upgrades for Your Holiday Outdoor Lighting

The holiday season is upon us! If you’re like us, you want your home to have as much holiday spirit on the outside as it does on the inside. But decorating your home’s exterior is usually one of the more challenging holiday tasks. It traditionally requires spending hours outside in the cold, balancing at the very top of a ladder, only to discover that the final strand simply won’t light (no matter how many times you change the tiny bulbs).

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Luckily we have a MUCH easier way to bring holiday cheer to your home. So, whether you want to save yourself a few hours or are simply looking to switch things up this year, we have a few easy and unexpected upgrades for your outdoor holiday lighting (no untangling necessary):

Bring a pop of color to your front door:

There is nothing easier than changing out the bulb in your outdoor fixture, instantly bringing some holiday cheer to your entryway.

For a bold statement, add colorful incandescent or LED light bulbs in red, green, or blue. These bright bulbs certainly pack a holiday punch and create a fun and friendly welcome for holiday visitors.

   03446      03444     03445

Incandescent Light Bulbs

   03153      03152      03154

Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

If you’re looking for something subtle, try our F15 Filament LED bulbs. Their warm amber light and textured glass will add an inviting twinkle to your outdoor fixture, and a hint of nostalgia.


Add some bold spotlights:

While you’re switching your outdoor fixture bulbs, consider some colorful incandescent or LED spotlights.

These will cast a festive and vibrant glow on the front of your house or across your driveway. Since they only require a quick turn of the wrist to install, the hardest part will be choosing your favorite color!

04410 04413 04414

Incandescent Spotlights

03147  03149  03151

Energy Saving LED Spotlights

Hang strings of twinkling lights:

For a truly charming touch, why not hang some string lights? No matter what color bulbs you choose, these lights will add a vintage holiday vibe to your home.

String Light Canopy- Anchored 6.30.15

String them anywhere you would a traditional light set: around a column, in a tree, across your porch. The possibilities are endless! Our DIY String Lights tutorial will guide you through creating and hanging your lights.


What are your best holiday outdoor lighting tips? Share your favorite ways to decorate your outdoor spaces!

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