Holiday Window Candles: 5 Ways

If you ask us, nothing brings a warm and festive glow to your home quite like a window candle. Understated and timeless, these little lights brighten our homes and spirits throughout the holiday season.


L to R: night light, night light LED, star, flicker flame (03661), flicker flame (03756)

But if you thought the only option for your window candles was a standard incandescent night light bulb, guess again! We believe your candle lights should have as much personality as the rest of your holiday decorations. Here are our favorite bulb picks:




Night Light

The most traditional option, our night light incandescent light bulb will provide a bright, warm light.






Night Light LED

The same look as our traditional night light incandescent bulb, but with the benefits of LED technology. Our night light LED bulb will last for years and save you money on your energy bills.






Flame Tip

The classic style of our flame tip incandescent light bulb imitates the delicate shape of a candle flame.






Flicker Flame

Our flicker flame incandescent light bulb is the closest you can get to the look of a real burning candle. Its flickering glow replicates the twinkling flame of a candle, making it a safe (and realistic) alternative to candles.






For a truly festive touch, our star incandescent light bulb features a starburst silhouette and provides a warm, sparkling glow.



No matter which option you choose, your window candles will certainly make your home inviting, festive and cozy for your holiday guests.

  istock_000003261291_large  0511000_app2  img_7112


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