4 Home Lighting Resolutions for the New Year

At the beginning of each new year, we all take some time to make personal and professional resolutions. (Whether they keep them is a different story.) We are firm believers in making resolutions for your home as well. Keep them simple so you can actually stick with them. We’ve come up with a few simple home lighting resolutions to get you started:

Switch to LEDs

If you’re still using traditional incandescents, make an effort to switch to LEDs this year. Energy efficient LEDs have many advantages over incandescent bulbs. Since they last for years, they will save time and money that you would traditionally spend replacing incandescent bulbs. LEDs require less wattage, making them a better choice for the environment. Plus, they will help you to save BIG on your energy bills.

Update Your Dining Room Chandelier

Your chandelier should be the focal point of your dining room, so make sure it looks perfect! With so many shapes and styles, it can be overwhelming to search for a new lighting fixture. But once you know what to look for, it’s easy to choose the right chandelier.

untitled-design-7  untitled-design-9  untitled-design-8

Reduce Your Energy Use

Every time you leave a room, make a habit to turn out the lights. It’s one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills (and also help the environment while you’re at it).

Add a Wow Factor to Your Room

With metallic task lighting. We think a bold pendant in a shiny metallic finish is the perfect way to brighten any space. Industrial yet chic, these pendants work with all design styles. Try this versatile trend on either side of your bed or lining a bar area or kitchen island.

untitled-design-10    untitled-design-12     untitled-design-11

What are your favorite New Year’s resolutions? Do you make any resolutions for your home? Share them with us below!


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