4 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Things we love about winter: the holidays, the snow, and cozying up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

Things we don’t love about winter: the bitter cold, the snow, and the feeling that we haven’t seen the sun in days (or weeks!).


If these dreary winter days leave you feeling a bit bleak, we have some easy tips to brighten things up:

1. Buy a plant:


Breathe some life indoors by adding a plant or two. Plants will both brighten your space and purify the air in your home. Many plant varieties are easy to care for, such as bamboo and rubber trees, but if you aren’t much of a green thumb you can always opt for a vase of fresh-cut flowers!

2. Add a pop of color:


Some bright pillows or a patterned throw on your sofa or bed are great options for adding a bold touch of brightness to your space.

3. Pay attention to color temperature:


Selecting the right color temperature bulb is a simple way to create the ambience you want in any room and LED bulbs offer multiple color temperature options. For a bright vibrant light, be sure to choose a higher color temperature (Kelvin). The higher the color temperature, the more crisp and invigorating the light will be.  An LED bulb with a lower color temperature (2000-3000K) will produce a warm and cozy light with a warm yellow hue, similar to incandescent bulbs. Bulbs with higher color temperatures (5000-6500K), will more closely mimic daylight by producing crisp and invigorating cool, white light. Higher color temperature bulbs are excellent for everyday use and task lighting, especially during the bleak winter months. Also, for spaces where you want options, choose a dimmer compatible bulb so you can adjust the brightness of your room.

4. Lighten up


Dark paint colors can make a space feel gloomy and small. Consider brightening up a room (or wall) with a few coats of fresh paint. Light colors reflect more light, giving the sense of a brighter, larger space.

What are your favorite ways to brighten a room? Leave us a comment below!

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