Lighting Lesson: How to Clean Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the birds are singing, and the flowers and trees are blooming. While we love spending time outdoors this season, we also like giving our homes a thorough cleaning – and that includes the lighting fixtures! Luckily, cleaning your home lighting is pretty simple, requires little time, and only a couple indispensable tools. Plus, keeping your lights clean and dust-free will help your home look bright and clean. Here are the top three causes of dirty home lighting (and how to tackle them):

ToolsUntitled design (22)



Untitled design (23)DUST

Dust is your lighting’s worst enemy. Take some time in each room to carefully and thoroughly dust the lighting fixtures and light bulbs. A dusty light bulb will not shine as brightly, so a good dusting will help you get the brightest light from your bulbs!


GRIMEUntitled design (24)

While dusting, you may come across some fixtures or bulbs that feel a bit grimy or sticky. Ceiling fan blades, outdoor fixtures, and kitchen light fixtures and bulbs are especially prone to grime. To clean, we recommend you remove the grimy part or bulb from the fixture, fan, or lighting socket. Use a cloth, sponge, or paper towel to apply warm, soapy water. Let dry completely before replacing. Be sure to remove any spots for a flawless sparkle.

NOTE: NEVER apply cleaning solution or water directly to a ceiling fan or lighting fixture. When cleaning light fixtures or ceiling fans, ALWAYS remove the dirty part from fixture or fan. If cleaning a light bulb, always remove from socket. Let dry COMPLETELY before replacing.

Untitled design (25)INSECTS

Those pesky, winged pests that just can’t help but fly directly into your lightbulbs. Wall fixtures and chandeliers with open glass shades are a common trap for all sorts of creepy-crawlies. To get rid of them, remove the light bulb and shade (making sure nothing falls through bottom of shade) and carefully clean out with a dry cloth or paper towel. Replace shade and bulb.


And that’s all there is to it! Spring cleaning your home lighting is really as easy as 1-2-3. So get to work!

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