3 Lighting Essentials for Outdoor Entertaining

The season for outdoor entertaining is approaching! As the weather gets warmer, we like to gear up for barbecues, pool parties, and family dinners under the stars. If you love to entertain outdoors, we have three lighting essentials to make sure your backyard is the place to be!

1. Proper Lighting

Untitled design (30)

Adequate outdoor lighting is a must if you like to spend your evenings outside. To keep guests safe and comfortable, make sure your pathways and outdoor entertaining areas are well-lit. In addition to wall fixtures, we love adding pendants to our outdoor décor. Incorporating a variety of lighting options keeps your outdoor space bright and versatile – so you’ll be ready for any occasion.

                    Untitled design (37)Untitled design (33)Untitled design (36)                   Untitled design (34)Untitled design (32)Untitled design (35)

2. Ceiling Fans

Untitled design (29)

For a covered porch or patio, a ceiling fan is the ultimate outdoor essential. Even on the hottest of days, a fan will keep you and your guests feeling cool and comfortable. Plus, the circulation of air will help to keep the bugs away. We especially love an outdoor ceiling fan with a light kit to provide an easy option for outdoor lighting. If your outdoor fan doesn’t have a light kit, you can purchase one separately. Just make sure that the light kit is compatible with your ceiling fan and suitable for outdoor use.

  Untitled design (39)     Untitled design (38)   Untitled design (43)      Untitled design (40)

3. String Lights

We love the ambience created by these festive little lights. String them around your patio or any covered outdoor area for a delicate layer of light. Whether for a backyard party or an al fresco meal, they’ll cast a warm glow over your celebration long after the sun sets. Follow our step-by-step directions for a fun DIY project.

Untitled design (48)

With these three lighting elements, your outdoor space will be ready for entertaining all season long. Let the celebrations begin!

Untitled design (44)     Untitled design (45)     Untitled design (46)


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