How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Any Space

If you ask us, ceiling fans are an essential component of any living space. Not only does the right ceiling fan elevate the look of a room, it will also help to provide year-round comfort and energy savings.

But with so many sizes and options, it can be hard to find the perfect ceiling fan for your living space. Here are the two key factors to take into account when shopping for a ceiling fan:

Room size

To maximize air flow, it’s important to select a ceiling fan in an appropriate size. (A 24-inch ceiling fan in an oversized family room will do little to cool you down.) But before you go buying the biggest fan you can find, remember that you also want a ceiling fan that will look proportional to its space. Here’s what we recommend:



Ceiling type



Low ceiling: For a room with a low ceiling (less than 8 ft.), a hugger or combo mount ceiling fan is ideal. These types of fans will keep air flowing without getting in the way.






Angled ceiling: In a room with an angled or sloped ceiling, an extension down rod should be installed with the fan to optimize performance.






Standard 8-ft. ceiling: In a room with a standard 8 ft. ceiling, you can opt to mount your ceiling fan with or without a down rod.







High ceiling: For a room with a high ceiling, maximize your ceiling fan’s capability by installing an extension down rod. See the chart below to determine the appropriate down rod length (according to your ceiling’s height).






In the right size and with the appropriate accessories, a ceiling fan can truly change the look and feel of a room. Consider adding one to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or outdoor entertaining area for enhanced style and energy efficiency.


Pictured above: Bendan, Zephyr, Tulsa, Urban Gale, Aiden, Delancey, Anderson


Still have questions about finding the right ceiling fan? We’d love to help. Simply leave us a comment below!

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