Trending: Versatile Pendant Lighting

Pendants are one of our favorite and most versatile lighting designs. They are perfect for just about any space: kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bar areas, vanities — the options are endless!

If you’re looking to update your home lighting, check out our favorite pendants in a variety of lighting trends:

Open Cage

Open cage designs are modern and sophisticated. They’re also perfectly suited for trendy filament bulbs.


Retro Schoolhouse

Retro schoolhouse pendants deliver the perfect dose of classic elegance. We especially love the models featuring turn knobs for added vintage charm.


Clear Glass

Clear glass shades give these pendants a clean and sparkling silhouette. They too are a perfect design for filament light bulbs.


Warm Metallics

These rich-toned metallic pendants are chic and eye-catching. Models featuring reflective metallic interiors give off a warm, cozy glow.


If you need help choosing a style for your space, read our tips for finding the perfect pendants.

What are your favorite lighting trends? Leave us a comment below!

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