Quiz: What’s Your Lighting Style?

School is back in session! To celebrate back-to-school season we have a quiz for you. (But don’t worry, this one doesn’t have any wrong answers!) Simply choose your favorite group of fixtures and we’ll tell you which style of lighting is your perfect fit.


Left to right: Cresting, Harwell, Lenola, Harwell, Meadowbrook


Left to right: Byron, Glenford, Joliet, matte black pendant, Morrison


Left to right: Roswell, Malvern, Basset, rippled glass mini pendant, Malvern


Left to right: Stella Mira, Iron Hill, Eldon, antique glass mini pendant, Scholar

If you like…

Group A:  Your lighting style is traditional

Featuring classic details and finishes, traditional lighting is elegant and timeless. Traditional designs can feature ornate detailing, elaborate scrollwork, and rich finishes.



Group B: Your lighting style is contemporary

This style of lighting is highlighted by its clean lines and streamlined designs. Contemporary designs can feature geometric silhouettes, minimalist designs, and bold finishes.



Group C: Your lighting style is transitional

Balancing traditional and contemporary design elements, transitional lighting is versatile and eclectic. This style often features intricate details paired with modern design elements.

5Untitled design (2)3


Group D: Your lighting style is vintage

Inspired by design elements of the past, vintage lighting is classic yet modern. This versatile style often incorporates industrial elements, intricate glass, and metallic finishes.



To shop more lighting fixtures by style, visit westinghouselighting.com.

We’d love to know your lighting style. Comment below with your quiz results!

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