Trend Watch: Our Favorite Lighting Styles for 2018

New Year, New Lighting! We’re always excited to kick off a new year. If you’re planning to update your home lighting, here are our favorite trends for 2018:


Featured: Walter, Morrison, Cage Pendant, Beatrix, Mesh Detail Pendant, Emmett, Adler


Featured: Jewel Shade Mini Pendant, Joliet, Crystal Prism Pendant,

Sophie PendantSophie Wall Fixture

Wood Accents

Featured: Canyon, Manchester, Stella Mira, Barnwell

Cage Shades

Featured: Cage Shade Pendant, Globe Shade Mini Pendant, Oliver Sconce,

Oliver Wall Fixture, Metal Mini Pendant


Featured: Skyline, Ashton Wall Fixture, Nathaniel, Boswell,

Hammered Copper Mini Pendant, Ashton Chandelier, Lexington, Copper Mini Pendant

Geometric Designs

Featured: Brushed Nickel Pendant, Ardleigh, Weston, Matte Black Pendant


Featured: Barkley, Cava II, Cava Chandelier, Zaya, Gun Medal Mini Pendant, Blake, Cava Pendant, Creekview, Academy


Featured: Versailles, Stella Mira, Cresting, Meadowbrook

What’s your favorite style? Find more lighting options at


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