28 Lighting Fixtures That Can Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy

Spring is here! Lit fireplaces and hot cocoa may be out of season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get cozy during the warmer months. A warm and inviting home never goes out of style. Set that soothing tone by adding a few select lighting fixtures.

Lighting can have a significant impact on how we feel from day to day. Lower overall lighting levels and warm sunrise colors give off calming energy and can even allow for greater productivity around the house.

Here are 28 fixtures to help set the mood for the upcoming spring season:


Featured: Grandview, Mulberry, Valley Forge, Ferry, Canyon, Brynn


Featured: Bonnie, Meadowbrook, Ashton, Eldon, Barnwell

Ceiling Fixtures/Fans

Featured: Louis, Brentford, Packard, Harwell


Featured: Washed Copper, Amber Teardrop Glass, Boswell, Hammered Oil RubbedAmber Glass, Clear Glass, Mesh Shade, Antique Mirror Glass


Featured: Weston, Emmett, Boswell, Barnwell, Iron Hill

Creating the perfect ambience that is right for your living space can be tricky. Any of the fixtures listed above are capable of giving off that cozy vibe. However, finding the light bulb color temperature that blends perfectly with your décor may require a bit more research. To decide exactly what kind of bulb your home needs, check out or complete guide to understanding color temperatures.

The light bulb is just as important as the fixture it’s kept in. An ideal bulb will complement your desired lighting style. Need help tracking down the bulb that’s right for your home? We recommend starting with our complete collection of filament LED bulbs.

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