Trending: Neutral Lighting Fixtures in Matte Finishes

Swapping out an outdated polished brass lighting fixture for a chic and stylish neutral matte-finish fixture can make a world of difference in any space you’re looking to update. The great thing about updating lighting fixtures in your home is that it is a relatively inexpensive project that can have a huge impact aesthetically.

Neutrals are versatile – capable of mixing with polished brass, nickel, brushed pewter, and other metals. They blend without clashing or taking away from the surrounding décor. For instance, if you currently have brushed nickel faucets and cabinet handles, you can keep the current hardware, but update the space with a neutral lighting fixture.

Looking for different ways to revamp? Check out our list of neutral lighting fixtures in matte finishes to help get you started:

Matte Black



Featured: Academy, Pendent 1, Pendent 2, Nathaniel, Pendant 3, Pendant 4

If you’re not a fan of matte black, there are plenty of other finishes to choose from. Bring a polished but relaxed look to your home with any of the following pendants:

Matte Grey


Featured: Pendant 1, Pendant 2

Matte White

Featured: Pendant 1, Pendant 2

If you need assistance deciding which bulbs will work best for your fixture, check out our guides to understanding color temperature and reading a lighting facts label.

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